Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Simply Sick

I wish writer Alicia Erian would come out with a new book soon so I can stop thinking about her 2005 Towelhead, which was recently repackaged and made into a film.

I don't recall another book sticking with me like this one -- but I suspect Erian's future works will.

Please consider Towelhead for the adults in your family (and only the adults!) after you read my review at http://www.portfolioweekly.com/ -- the site for the alternative magazine where I used to work. (I just figured out that I spent about a quarter of my life there. Is that good or bad?)

The long, direct link is below.

Yes, I know there's a way to make this smaller (something with tinyurl), but, at the moment, I'd rather read than figure that out.

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Barrie said...

I'm off to read your review!